GALLERY: Theatre III students shine in “This Moment”


Justice Burda (11) getting animated in the telling of her monologue.

Brent Wesley

Thursday, February 7th, the Theatre III class at YPAS displayed the first of two slates in their workshop titled “This Moment”. Slate one contained two plays and a few selected monologues in between.

The first play, “A.M.L.”, written by Jacquelyn Reingold, a well known playwright/TV and film writer, and directed by Abby Shroering (12). “A.M.L.” featured Taylor Morrison (11), Amy Pan (11), Jaclyn Fultz (11), Ashley Wallace (11), and Talia Brown (11).

Justice Burda (11), Abby Shroering (12), Scott Hoke (11), Kelsey Carrier (11), and Christian Dospil (11) each performed monologues between the two skits. The monologues were ones they wrote themselves.

Play two, “The Lottery”, written by Henry Fielding, an 18th century playwright, and adapted by Taylor Morrison (11). “The Lottery” was directed by Brynnan McNeill (11). This skit had an expansive character list featuring, Justice Burda (11), Curtis Lipsey (11), Coleman Foree (11), Scott Hoke (11), Elizabeth Brown (11), Chloe Bell (11), Rob McDearman (11), Aaron Marks (11), Talia Brown (11), Ashley Wallace (11), Amy Pan (11), Taylor Morrison (11), Christian Dospil (11), and Jaclyn Fultz (11).

Curtis Lipsey (11) had this to say about his classes performance, “I feel like we did pretty well. There were a lot of draw backs this year during our rehearsals so we were forced to push our performances back a week, however, I still think we showed a lot of growth from the beginning stages of rehearsal.”