RedEyed Reader with special guest reviewer Greg Kuhn

RedEyed Reader with special guest reviewer Greg Kuhn

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We received a special book review recently from Assistant Principal Greg Kuhn. Kuhn himself is a published author, and has released books Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail. Here, Kuhn suggests a book that he believes all Manual students should read.


The Test Slayer’s Handbook is a Book Every Manual Student Should Read.

Science has understood for some time that our subconscious minds are not only extremely powerful, but also have amazing influence over our state of being.

If you’re not aware of the research, we each have a subconscious mind. That mind exerts a tremendous amount of sway over all of our life experiences primarily because it works under the level of our conscious awareness. Concerned with basic needs, i.e. the “fight or flight” response, our subconscious minds are very different from our conscious (or “logical”) minds.

For example, did you know that every single thing you’ve experienced in your lifetime is stored in your brain? That probably sounds outlandish, because, of course, you can’t remember all of those things – but your inability to remember everything is merely a issue with recall (not storage). But, rest assured, while your conscious mind does not have access to all that stored information, your subconscious mind does.

Brian Menard teaches you a formula to unlock the latent power of your subconscious mind in his book, The Test Slayer’s Handbook. It is available on Amazon. You will be amazed at the simple, yet highly effective, techniques Menard shares and you’ll love how your ability to ace tests (AP, ACT, SAT, English, Math, etc.) exponentially increases as you employ them.

I highly recommend The Test Slayer’s Handbook. In fact, I wish every Manual student would get a copy so we can not only set records for our school’s ACT scores, but also send every one of you off to the best schools of your choice! Look it up on Amazon today – it’s only $3 – and make a big investment in your academic future.


To see Mr. Kuhn’s proposal to Manual students concerning his own book, please go here:

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