Walk The Moon makes a giant leap

Nash Whaley, Beats Editor

Lately I’ve been in to a group some people will likely be unfamiliar with. Walk The Moon is the name of the indie rock group hailing from Cincinnati Ohio. Last week, it was my great pleasure to see them open for Tokyo Police Club at Headliners Music Hall. The venue, recently acquired by Production Simple, a Louisville concert promotion and production agency, was recently renovated. The entire building has a much more energetic and professional vibe than I remember before Production Simple took over. The quality of the shows is also much better now.

Walk The Moon is definitely not for everyone, but it’s quite difficult not to find them at least somewhat interesting. What really makes Walk The Moon an interesting band is their heavily rhythm oriented sound. In fact, WTM frontman, Nicholas Petricca is known to often play a drum while singing. The band’s latest, and most successful album to date, “I want! I want!” is a perfect mixture of dance, soul and art pop.

The band began receiving success after releasing their single on the album, Anna Sun. The song is reminiscent of the Killers and is an extremely catchy pop song. It’s the sort of song you hear on the radio early in the morning and continue sing well in to the night.

My personal favorite song on the album was a track called “I Can Lift a Car.” The vocals on this song are simply amazing. I also really love the infectious repetition of phrases and melodies.

By far the catchiest song on the album was “Jenny.” The song is very upbeat and extremely soulful. Synthesizer solos and fast paced rhythms really define this song. The lyrics are simply describing the perfect figure of a girl named Jenny.

This sort of minimalistic lyric writing can be very fun to listen to when you’re in the mood for something a little less cerebral. It is still too soon to say where Walk The Moon is headed, but I believe they are at the beginning of a long and brilliant career.