Weber Gallery displays “Striped Show” exhibit


The Weber Gallery “Striped Show” exhibit premiered with a reception on Friday, April 21, and will be on display until Friday, May 31.

The exhibit features the works of 15 individual artists, as well contributions from the Weber Team and students with the Louisville Visual Arts Association, all working together to put on a show with a profound meaning, as Carol Mueller, director of the Weber Gallery, puts it.

“This exhibit could literally be termed a ‘world-class show’ because of its meaning. When we say ‘striped’ we mean diverse; a world of many cultures, races, ethnicities–anything but just plain old black and white, as some people see it,” Mueller said.

One of the artists, Luci Mistratov, puts it another way.

“All my years in Louisville I’ve been impressed how many different people are able to live, to communicate, to work together and hold their cultural, religious and other traditions, their diversity, without conflict,” Mistratov said.

The gallery is located at 1151 S. Fourth Street, about a 15 minute walk from Manual.