Fischer cuts off police car dispute

Matthew McCardwell

After almost three years of disputes, Louisville’s new mayor, Greg Fischer, along with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), signed a take-home car agreement on Wednesday, March 2nd.

This agreement adds a clause into the police labor contract that will require officers using government vehicles at secondary jobs to pay a specific fee.

Three years ago, former Mayor Jerry Abramson required police officers with take-home vehicles (around 1,100 people) to begin paying $100 a month for their automobile. At the time, the city was paying for all of the cars’ insurance, fuel, and maintenance fees.

Among those forced to pay was Ellen Everett (11)’s father. She said, “He was one of the police officers that had a car in 2008 when the fee was initiated. But the fee ended in 2009 when it was brought up that it wasn’t in the labor contract.”

The agreement that was passed on Wednesday will reimburse the officers for the fees they’ve paid and will begin charging those using the cars at secondary jobs a unique fee based on individual cases. Ellen’s father is one of those officers and will begin paying again soon.