Senior Wisdom: Josephine Kim


Julian E. Wright

Kim, Josephine


Name: Josephine Kim

Magnet: MST

Claim to fame? …helping to academically educate Mrs. Sanders on the definition of “trolling”.

What are your plans after graduation? I’ll be hanging out in Louisville for most of the summer other than attending FBLA Nationals in California ^ ^ (hooray Management Info Systems studying…).
3 things you learned at Manual:
1) The unit circle…I have learned how to slay dragons for the righteousness of math
2) Friends are so important; they sustain you even through the most sleep-deprived and bleakest days and supply much laughter. (AKA Recall Raskolnikov, anyone?)
3) I have learned to think of challenges as mountains that are not looming obstacles, but fresh motivations. In a sense, we Manual students are mountain climbers.

 “Back in my day…” We made a sock puppet show for Ms. Johnson’s Computer Applications final…Mrs. Zwanzig dressed up as the Keebler Elf for Red-White Week…and Mr. Zwanzig showed us his daredevil side in freshman Integrated Science by swinging bowling balls from the ceiling and laying on a bed of needles (he still had the same sense of humor as he does today)

Any regrets? Not attending the Male-Manual football games, and Action for Africa Talent Shows, and more art shows >___<

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