Time is running out to submit questions for principal Q&A


Eliza Coleman

Students who are interested in submitting questions for the principal candidates’ Q and A session on Friday, May 31st should do so immediately here.

Alternately, students may submit questions on paper to Ms. Hunt (Rm 224), Ms. Robinson (Rm 200), or to any of the Student Senate members.

Questions will be accepted until about midday on Friday, in order to have time for all questions to be screened and considered.

According to the Student Senate Updates page on Facebook, “All questions will be screened by the Student Senate sponsors Ms. Hunt and Ms. Robinson in regards to the legality of the submission.” It is illegal for employment-related questions to address personal information such as age and religion. Student Senate Chair Robyn Blackman encouraged students to carefully consider the wording of their questions so that they solely address policy and have a higher chance of being asked.

Questions which are submitted most frequently by a wide variety of students also have a higher probability of being asked.

Interviews will continue to be conducted by the administration on Thursday May 30th, and the finalists from that process will be presented during the Q&A session. This will be the first time that students have been invited to participate in the principal selection process.

“The fact that students are a part of this process is really a first in the Kentucky history. We want to get this right so that other students and other schools could possibly have the opportunity to do this as well,” said Blackman.