High pollen counts ravage Manual students


Avery Rondinelli

This past week, high pollen counts have ravaged the Louisville area, causing allergic reactions in a large chunk of the population, including Manual students.

Weed pollen, which is most common in the late summer to early fall, is the most irritable during dry weather. The high abundance of the pollen causes stronger reactions in those subject to it.

The symptoms of a reaction include nasal congestion, sneezing, and coughing fits. Actions like these are enough to distract and inhibit students from performing a lot of tasks. “I was sneezing a lot at work this past Sunday,” Braxton Dewey (11) said. “It really held me back, which was even worse because it was my first week on the job. However, I have been feeling a lot better lately.”

While most of Louisville has been affected heavily by the high pollen count, some are not feeling the strain. “Everybody has been sneezing and getting sick, but I don’t feel bad at all.” Nathan Bowling (11) said.

Though some students are already overcoming sickness, others are worried about their long term health. “My throat has been getting more and more sore over the past week,” Elizabeth Morrison (11) said, “and I’m really worried because I have a play coming up soon.”

One of the best ways to be protected from high pollen counts is to stay informed. If the count is in a dangerous level, it is best to try and stay inside until it goes back down. To check for local pollen counts, visit here.