Think Outside the Magnet: MST student beatboxes


Peter Champelli

At Manual, there aren’t just five talents. There aren’t just academics, singing, sports, drawing and writing. There are science, mathematics, technology, instrumental, dance, design and production, painting, sculpting, videography, journalism, graphic designjust naming all of them would be a talent.
However, even with our extensive magnet program, some talents just aren’t accounted for. Some more practical, like audio production and engineering; some more random, and frankly amazing.
Sean Hudson, 10, an average MST student, enrolled in some VA classes this year. But that is not what makes him unique.

Sean Hudson Beatboxes

Sean Hudson produces what sounds like a masterful, machine created club beat with just his mouth and throat. At the 00:07 mark in the video you can see his adams apple oscillating against his throat, the method he uses to make that deep bass sound. Other sounds he makes are everyday sounds heard in the beatboxing world, but this key feature is his isolation, what makes him stand out.

As Sean can create masterful, simple beats like this:

he can also create stimulating labyrinths of sound such as this:

And, finally, one of the most enthralling renditions of ‘You spin my head right round’:

Sean Hudson is the perfect example of what makes this school great; he represents not only academic pursuits with a hint of visual art, but unique, raw, and unprecedented talent.

To here more of Sean’s beats, go to my playlist:

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