Meet Mr. Morris


photo by Carolyn Beam

Carolyn Beam

photo by Carolyn Beam
Photo by Carolyn Beam

Manual has a new math teacher, Mr. Tony Morris (Mathematics). He teaches Geometry and Algebra 2, which were previously taught by Ms. Kathleen Geary (Mathematics).

Mr. Morris graduated from Manual in 2009. Since then he graduated from UofL and was a student teacher at Central High School and Carrithers Middle School. Most recently, he taught a remedial-level math class at UofL until being hired at Manual.

Mr. Morris believes being an alumnus comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

“I understand Manual students, I was a Manual student and I was a Manual student recently,” said Mr. Morris. “I’ve had classes with Dr. Pendleton, I had a class with Dr. Darif, I had Ms. Fries. I know those teachers, I know the workload that they give. So I can relate to students in that.”

Mr. Morris said he enjoys the experience he’s had teaching at Manual so far.

“I am still learning, still figuring out how I want to run class, how I want everything to work,” he said.

The classroom management is much easier for him here than at places he’s taught at previously.

“You guys are generally very well behaved,” Mr. Morris said. “You’re motivated, you’re driven, I haven’t had any issues with people just not doing homework. Almost everyone does their homework or at least attempts it. Which, you guys don’t even know how rare that is.”