Manual’s response to magnet review findings for HSU


Farren Vaughan


On Monday, March 24, Magnet Schools of America (MSA) participated in a work session with the JCPS school board to present their findings. Among their recommendations was a plan to “phase out” the HSU magnet and move the program to Western.

Mr. Mayes (Principal) has since stated his support of the magnet and has sent home letters with the student body for clarification. Mayes said he feels fairly confident that HSU will remain at Manual.

“I’ve been told by people at the higher level that chances are very, very slim,” said Mayes, in an interview.

Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies) agreed.

“I still remain pretty confident that we’re not going to lose it,” said Hunt. “But we can’t be apathetic about it. We have to show why it’s essential to not to lose it.”

Among the reasons cited by MSA to phase out HSU was to allow for the expansion of MST, YPAS, J&C and VA.

“I would love YPAS to expand (or at least have the building repaired, have you seen the band room floor?) but not at HSU’s expense,” Destinee Siebe (11, YPAS) tweeted.

In the letter to the student body, Mayes wrote: “I want to assure you that we are confident that our School Board, JCPS, and the Louisville community understands not only how important Manual High School is to Louisville, but also how vital how HSU is to Manual High School.”

Mr. Timothy Holman (Social Studies) agreed.

“HSU has greater parameters, so it’s more diverse,” said Holman. “There’s something to be said for students who don’t know what they want to do at 14 years old.”

Many students feel that HSU should remain at Manual.

“HSU offers many opportunities to push yourself in what you choose to push yourself in,” said Annie Trentham (11, HSU). “Because there is no specific focus of the magnet, the focus becomes challenging your educational boundaries.”

Mayes said it’s always beneficial to get a different perspective from an outsider, such as MSA, to look at Manual.

 “We’re going to give the public the opportunity to see how great we are,” said Mayes.