A Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Prom Attire

A Beginners Guide to Mens Prom Attire

Avery Rondinelli

Oh crap, junior prom is just days away. What can a guy do to look good for the dance for a low price, and fast? Looking stylish for one of the biggest nights of the year isn’t as hard as you might think. Anything from a basic tuxedo to an outlandish suit and tie can be found in just a few easy steps, or even clicks of the mouse.

Resorting to a plain black tuxedo may be the standard choice for a prom-goer, but it is far from boring. Splurging types can resort to buying a tuxedos, but the more economical choice would be to rent a tux. Stores such as Men’s Wearhouse and Joseph A. Bank  rent tuxedos for an evening at a reasonable price. While you don’t get the satisfaction of owning your own tuxedo, your wallet will think you. However, if you don’t rent your tux before the week of prom you will most likely be charged rush fees. Sorry, juniors.

For a more outlandish choice on your prom attire, the world wide web is the place to go. The go to website for a crazy suit would be Jack Threads. A members only site, Jack Threads is a cheap source for odd clothes that may tickle your fancy. Prom goer Alton Chancy (11,MST) ordered a suit from the site weeks ago, with a leopard print pattern. “I wanted to do something different for junior prom,” Chancy said. “I had been looking at this suit for a while, and it was clear I needed to pursue this outfit.”

Chancy’s suit was under $100, and was shipped directly to his home. To buy a suit from the site, you have to provide your exact body measurement so the suit can be tailored to your fitting. Since prom is only a few days away for junior, getting a suit in time would be difficult without express shipping. Once again, sorry juniors.

Prom can be one of the most exciting experiences for a high school student, so why would you want to look bad doing it? Dressing up nice is a part of the experience, and everyone should have the opportunity to do so. It just shouldn’t have to be expensive.