Poem: A woman’s worth

Tabatha Decker, Reporter

We are always taught to do our best
To not worry and forget the rest
To not listen to what others say
Because someday soon others will pay

I always did try to follow these rules
but some parents and the girls were just so cruel
They would always point,laugh and stare
But I never really thought it was fair

Every mother has a dream
But for some its not what it seems
A beautiful and smart girl is what they desire
But don’t know how to do so when it comes down to the wire

So they push and push till they can’t push anymore
But soon come to realize their dreams have been pushed to the floor
With all their fake smiles and gowns
Little do they know they are all going down

Smile and wave till you walk off the stage
Those girls scores will jump off the page
Pretending to be someone your not
Eventually it becomes all you’ve got

Depending on what the judges may say
They could make or break a girls day
Hoping and praying they make a perfect ten
I believe that none of those girls should win.