When it rains, it pours

Sydni Gordon

Recently heavy rain has traveled throughout the Louisville area and raised the waters levels. This increase has turned into an issue for people who live along or near the Ohio River. Water has seeped in through even the smallest cracks. Manual students are among the many who are feeling the repercussions of the floodwaters.

“About an inch to two inches of water came through a crack in our insulation and was absorbed in the carpet, and we’re sucking water out of carpet right now,” said Luke Britt (12). Britt, who lives on Southern Parkway, woke up to a surprise. “Our basement was refurnished like an apartment, so I was sleeping down there.  I woke up last Wednesday morning and I was thinking ‘what’s going on?’ When I put my foot down it was instantly soaking wet with water,” said Britt.

While some had flooding where they live, others, like Dr. Gregory Rash (Statistics), had flooding at their summer homes.

“I’d known for a couple weeks from weather predictions that the water was going to get in by looking at predictions from the national weather service,” Dr. Rash said. “We went there the Sunday before last to move up the furniture as best we could. We could no longer get a car in there, but we kayaked over to move some things. It turned out the water was going to come up too high to get everything up.”

Even though this is a tragedy, Dr. Rash is keeping a positive attitude, “I’ve lost a bunch of furniture, the refrigerator, and stove, all that’s going to have to be replaced, but you live with that if you want to have a beautiful place in the summer to go, relax, and boat at. You have to have this occasionally happen. If it upsets you then you better not have a house there because it’s going to happen.”

Some teachers were nice enough to lend out a helping hand.

“I found out about the rain earlier this week and how it was going to keep accumulating,” said Ms. Erica Darnell (English). “I have some friends that live in a flood zone around Prospect who got at least 11 or 12 feet of water inside their house,” said Ms.Darnell. “In their neighborhood, they had shut down all the power. They stayed with me last Monday night and I helped them with basic needs: air mattress, towels, those sorts of things.”

“There’s a little bit of water in my basement, but honestly it’s not affected me per say. The flooding has definitely affected people I care about, so, in a sense it has somewhat affected me as well.”