Profile: Mr. Kuhn


Peter Champelli

Mr. Greg Kuhn (Assistant Principal) is not just the ruthless enforcer of dress codes and IDs — while he devotes most of his time and energy to his roles as administrator, in the hours after 2:20 he explores an entirely different field — writing and self-publishing nonfiction books.

He began writing his series “Why Quantum Physicists” in 2012, when he compiled the articles he had written while ghostwriting for his father. This book, titled “Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat,” describes “creating your ideal body using the amazing science of quantum physics,” according to Kuhn’s website.

Although Kuhn enjoys writing and has found success in self-publishing his series, he continues to prioritize his teaching and administrating career; he refrains from working on his series during school hours and restricts his writing time to the afternoon and weekends. However, he still enjoys exploring this field and believes the experience adds to his talent as an administrator. “I am extremely blessed that people continue to ask me to put my thoughts on paper,” he said.

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