Red and Black Club adds to students’ political voice

Noelle Pouzar

Red & Black Club focuses on members discussing and teaching the principles of anarchism. The club is not sponsored by a teacher and club creators say they have no intention of making this happen in the future. This is because many members believe that getting the club officially listed would take too much effort and time.

Tyler Darnell was a co-creator of the club along with several other students.

“I want to show others…their political voice can and should find expression in powerful ways,” said Darnell (11).

The club meets every Wednesday after school at the Old Louisville Coffee Shop until the end of the year. Because of starting the club toward the end of the year, the R&B mainly plans to gain more members and conduct meetings in the following school year.

Hayden Flanery, a member of the club, has high hopes for its goals.

“I think other students are getting a stimulating, educational environment to talk about issues, and a source of information of local activism.The best thing about this club is that it can be completely different from one meeting to the next, depending on who participates,” said Flanery (11).