Restaurant chain Noodles and Company opens outpost in Cardinal Towne


Fons Cervera

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Photo by Amanda Tu.

A new outpost of the restaurant franchise Noodles and Company opened on Monday, Feb. 15 in Cardinal Towne, the popular commercial complex across the street from Manual.

Tiffany Age, the restaurant’s assistant manager, said that the location’s proximity to both a large public high school and the University of Louisville renders it a particularly good place for food service.

“[Business] has been fantastic,” she said. “It’s a lot different than business that we are used to. Normally we have a very busy lunch, and from two to five it’s really slow, but we have just as busy mid-afternoons as we do lunches.”

Joseph Medley (10, HSU) checked out the new restaurant this week, sampling the chain’s macaroni and cheese.

“It was delicious,” Medley said. “I think that it will have an impact because it is good, and it brings food from all over the world into one restaurant. I think it will last.”

Jonah Boutell (12, YPAS) has been to other Noodles and Company locations, but has yet to try the one in Cardinal Towne.

“I love the chicken pesto—absolutely fantastic,” he said. “I like the environment; it’s very chill. I like how they have so many options. I really like that [the restaurant] gives the customer a sense of a home-cooked meal in a restaurant atmosphere.”

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Photo by Amanda Tu.

Age said that the restaurant is mindful of the needs of the community, which is heavily saturated by young people.

“We do a lot for the community,” she said. “If anyone ever needs anything like a donation, or if they want to do a fundraiser, we love doing stuff for the community.”

This restaurant is the third Noodles and Company establishment to come to Louisville, joining one outpost on Hurstbourne Parkway and another in the Paddock Shops.