Girl’s golf team prepares for upcoming season

Nathan Pohl

The girl’s golf team doesn’t begin until July, but the players are encouraged to participate in tournaments such as the Musselman Dunne and the Pepsi Tour. Courses such as Seneca and Shawnee are some of the places teammates go to practice.

“I recommend that the team gets out and plays and practices before the season begins,” said Coach Emrich.

Since two crucial players have left, Nicole DeLong (12) and Megan Richards (12), it’s going to be difficult for the team to get their composure back next season.

“The balance will be really thrown off,” said Erin Bridges (11), “We will be focused on encouraging underclassmen to get excited about golf. We want to have a great team, but we only have three returning members next year. So we’ll have to just see.”