HSU magnet implements new mentorship program


Current Manual students walk the halls as incoming freshmen prepare for next year. Photo by Fons Cervera.

Olivia Dawson

Current Manual students walk the halls as incoming freshmen prepare for next year. Photo by Fons Cervera.
Photo by Olivia Evans.

Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies) and Ms. Beth Stottman (Social Studies) recently implemented a new program for HSU magnet sophomores and juniors to mentor incoming freshmen.

Hunt said that she and Stottman founded the program as a way to bring HSU students closer together.

“As Ms. Stottman and I met individually with freshmen HSU students this year, we saw that some just weren’t as connected to the school as we hoped,” Hunt said. “We thought the mentor program was one way to help students better connect to the school during their first year.”

Current sophomores and juniors will fill out applications to determine their matches for a mentee.

“Matches are made in order to get as diverse of a group as possible, including groups of freshmen from different schools,” Hunt said.

According to Hunt, the application process is not particularly rigorous, but will attempt to identify students with a commitment to helping younger peers adjust to their high school careers. Mentors must commit to one in-person meeting per month, with frequent communication between formal sessions.

The program will launch in April of this year, once incoming HSU freshmen complete the scheduling process.

Hayden Larkin (10, HSU) said that he decided to apply to be a mentor after he received an email from the school list-serv about the initiative.

“I remember that many people I know in J&C participated in a similar program last year and they really enjoyed it, so I wanted to give someone the same experience,” he said.

Larkin said that he expects his relationship with his mentee will be mutually beneficial.

“I want to help freshmen through their first year at Manual because I remember how difficult the transition was for me,” he said. “I think the program will give me an experience of helping and working with people.”

Current HSU sophomores and juniors can pick up applications outside room 221. They will be due by this Friday, March 25 to Hunt.