Z-Media announces new media festival, Festival Z

Z-Media announces new media festival, Festival Z

Piper Hansen

A new county wide film festival, called Festival Z, has been approved and will begin to go into full swing after September 26.

The media festival is organized by Z-Media which is an after school club that has been discussing the film festival, it will begin meeting on September 26

The festival is for teenagers in Jefferson County between the ages of 13 and 19.

The festival accepts audio and film submissions, and most of the film submissions will be shown at the Speed Art Museum in May 2017.

Participants can enter a film or an audio story that meets the requirements of the rubric and follows the prompt for the specific category.

The prompts serve as a common reference point and guides the contributor down a path that they might not have gone down. The theme of community runs throughout the prompts of form and function.

There are two short film categories, an extended film category, and two audio narrative categories.

The prompts are:

  1. Short film (up to 15 minutes): FORM: represent the theme of community by addressing how Louisville is a community. Include five Louisville landmarks.
  2. Short film (up to 15 minutes): FUNCTION: represent the theme of community by addressing a specific idea of what defines a community, neighborhood, race, class, language and school.
  3. Extended film (between 20 and 45 minutes): tell a story about community through a researched historical event that happened in Kentucky or a person from Kentucky. Creativity and originality points for avoiding the most obvious events and figures.
  4. Audio narrative (up to 15 minutes): NON-FICTION: explore a particular community or a concept of community.
  5. Audio narrative(up to 15 minutes): FICTION: explore a particular community or concept of community.

A website and social media pages are currently under construction.

The website will provide more details about the prompts and how to enter.

Z-Media will also be hosting a Film Talk Series.

The series will take place every three weeks and will include a number of presentations from local filmmakers, film professors and community leaders that will discuss things from the technical aspects of filmmaking to academic film theory.

Flyers can be viewed around the school with information about an interest meeting on September 26.