JCPS board approves salary increases


Amberlee Tate

JCPS Board of Education approved salary increases for all employees among many other proposals at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The salary agreement made last month was unanimously approved yesterday. It will give all JCPS employees step increases and a .075 percent salary increase beginning in July 2017.

Among other proposals passed was the ‘Resolution in Support of Safe and Inclusive Schools for LGBTQ People’.

This resolution recognizes difficulties many LGBTQ students may face. It states how schools should be safe communities for students of this community.

After the resolution was passed, board member Linda Duncan said, “We’ve had a resolution similar to this on males of color and now we’ve had a resolution on LGBTQ. Can we expect more resolutions in support of all people who are served in our school system? Can we expect another resolution for all or do we stop at two groups?”

JCPS Board discusses plans for the new budget
JCPS Board discusses plans for the new budget. Photo by Amberlee Tate.

Lastly, after a lengthy discussion, the board approved new JCPS budget for the 2016-17 year with a vote of 5-2. Horne and Willner voted against it.

The main factor for Stephanie Horne was that the projected budget decreased funding by $20 per student for middle and high school.

“Regardless of where they live, regardless of where they are placed we need to bring back that $20 per person,” said Horne.

Also disagreeing with the budget, Lisa Willner said, “I don’t feel that I have sufficient information why I’m supporting a budget program that may or may not be helping our kids.”

The next board meeting is October 25th at the JCPS Van Hoose Center.