Manual Athletics: More than one field


Photo by: Tony Broddie.

Jade Broderick

Many students at Manual participate in sports involving both the school and the community. Playing on club teams during the offseason can help improve skills and keep players in shape during the school’s offseason. Manual Redeye decided to feature three student-athletes who participate in both club and school sports.

India Reed:

Reed playing against Sacred Heart Academy. Photo by: Bill Tabor.

India Reed is a sophomore in HSU and plays field hockey for Manual. Reed has been a starter on the varsity team since her freshman year and has made it to the 2015 state championship game and the 2016 state championship game

India Reed (#17,10) at the 16-yard circle in the KHSAA field hockey state tournament. Photo by: Bill Tabor.

“I think we’re going to have a really strong team next year,” Reed said. “The past two seasons we had made it all the way to the state championship, so that’s a goal of ours to go three years in a row.”

Reed continues to play Field Hockey outside of school, for her club team, the International Field Hockey Club of Kentucky (IFHCK). She has played there for two years now, after switching from her previous club team.

“I started playing there because they have a really good connection with college coaches.” Reed Said. “It seemed really fun and it was a really good working environment.”

Reed recently verbally committed to continue playing at the University of Louisville.

“I’m really excited to play at UofL, it’s always been a dream of mine, it’s also awesome because it’s really close, and I’m excited to stay close to home.”

Reed hopes to continue growing outside of field hockey and being able to take it to the next level.

Lucy Suo:

Lucy Suo is a junior in MST and has played golf since the seventh grade.

“My parents encouraged me to play,” Suo said. “They sent me to a summer camp in the seventh grade. I just picked it up from there.”

Photo by: Tony Broddie.



Suo has played in three to four junior tours outside of Manual, being able to travel to different parts of Florida, and California.

Photo by: Tony Broddie.

Since golf is an independent sport, Suo signs up for individual tournaments, mostly around the Midwest region.

Balancing school and golf is difficult but still manageable for Suo.

“I usually have golf practice every day after school if the weather is nice,” Suo said. “Sometimes I’m too tired to do my homework afterward, but I have to push through.”

Suo hopes to play either Division I golf in college or Division II but does not want to pursue a career in golf.

Jack Fasteen:

Jack is currently a sophomore in MST and is in Veneto, Italy at an International Academy for soccer.

Jack Fasteen (#88, 10) passing the ball against trinity high school. Photo by: Donna Johnson.

Jack, who goes by “Ocho” in the soccer community, went to Veneto at the end of January.

This Academy is a month long assessment where each student-athlete goes through training every day with professional coaches and scouts at a fast pace level.

“I enjoy it a lot here,” Fasteen said. “I get to train twice a day and play professional matches. The Culture and Language here are unique and interesting to experience.”  

Fasteen was asked to stay another month at a Academy, an opportunity that most players from the United States don’t get.

Fasteen also plays for the  Manual Varsity soccer team, and his club team– the Derby City Rovers.  

Jack fighting for the ball against South Oldham. Photo by: Jill Jelsma.

“I started playing as soon as I could walk,” Fasteen said. “ It’s the only game that everyone plays around the world, so it was inevitable that this was the sport that I would play.”

Fasteen hopes to be able to sign a four-year contract playing soccer internationally, but if he doesn’t get that opportunity he will end up playing for a college team after high school.