OPINION: An open letter to the president


Fons Cervera

President Trump,

Recently you have decided to halt the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that keeps close to 800,000 undocumented immigrants, who arrived as children, safe from deportation. These people placed their trust in the American government and you broke their trust. These actions are shameful and will hurt not only the people who are directly affected, but it will also hurt the United States as a whole, and as President, it is your main duty to make sure that nothing hurts our country.

When you called undocumented Mexican immigrants racist things like murderers, rapists, and drug dealers you were sorely mistaken. These are hardworking people who in some cases do labor that no one else would do. These people are only seeking to better their lives and those of their families. They are striving to become productive members of our society. As a matter of fact, in a New York Times article, it is estimated that if DACA is indeed repealed, the nation’s GDP would drop $105 billion, and if there were widespread DACA deportations the cost to the US would be approximately $400 billion.

I am the child of immigrants, and I know that if it were not for the opportunities that the US has afforded to my family and to myself, I would not be able to be in the position I am. Like America Ferrera said, Latino immigrants are so much more than what you think. They are doctors and teachers, they are farm workers and police officers, they are college graduates and they are people who fearlessly rescued people caught in the floods of Harvey in Houston.

But this is not just about Latino immigrants. There are many Dreamers who are Asian and European, many are from Africa and the Caribbean Islands. You see Mr. Trump, Dreamers represent the very best in America, the diversity of our country and the hard work that made our country the greatest on Earth. Always the United States has been ‘The Great American Melting Pot’. Our country was built by immigrants, those who came here and those who were brought here. Mr. Trump, your wife is an immigrant and your ancestors were immigrants.

These Dreamers are not alone. Many Americans like myself feel that we must fight for them because that is the America we believe in. Not one where hate and racism are allowed to run rampant, but one were love, tolerance, and empathy are shown. Americans have realized that this is not right, and Americans will be vocal and loud in letting you know that what you have done is not right.

These people were brought here when they were children. Many had no choice and many know no other country than this one, America is their home. Taking away someone from their home is hateful. Denying the right of people to make a good life for themselves is un-American. Halting DACA is an assault on many of our core American values, and as the President of the United States, it is your job to represent the interests and to protect the rights and lives of Americans –all Americans.       


Fons Cervera

Manual RedEye Managing Editor