Administrators unsure of what caused Tuesday’s fire


Nikhil Warrier

On Tuesday, October 31, Manual’s fire alarm system interrupted the second block of the day. Alongside a fire drill that was scheduled for that time, an actual alarm caused confusion and frustration among the Manual community.


Assistant Principal Greg Kuhn helped to coordinate and control the situation.

“We don’t know what exactly caused the fire. The alarm could have been caused by something the teachers were inadvertently doing,” Kuhn said.

Although the cause of the fire alarm is unknown, and a physical fire was not identified, JCPS technicians gave an all-clear for the system.

“One thing JCPS would never do is endanger a student or staff. If there was any problem with safety, the building would be evacuated,” Kuhn said.

All students and faculty were evacuated within three minutes of the fire alarm sounding.