12 Days Of Manual: Five easy steps on how to plan a great Friendsmas


Maddie Gamertsfelder

During the holiday season, spirits are filled with cheer when getting to spend the holidays with friends and family. For the season, friends can get together and throw a party before or after Christmas, called Friendsmas. A host will throw a potluck dinner entering a night filled with fun and activities with your closest friends. Here are some tips to make sure you have a holly jolly night with no mess-ups! If you enjoyed Friendsgiving, here is a way to celebrate the holidays. 

Step 1: Find a place and fill it with people

The first thing to do is to pick a place to host your guests that is large enough for the amount of people you will invite. It is important for everyone to have enough space to walk around and socialize. Make a guest list that will fit this space and invite them a few weeks before. When inviting the guests, it is important to tell them what dress attire is expected and what to bring including food and secret santa presents. Include your number on the invitations so they can ask questions and RSVP.

Step 2: Fill the table with food

One of the very important parts to having a Friendsmas is the dinner that you will all enjoy together. The host should make the main dish, usually being ham or turkey, and every guest should bring an additional side dish already prepared and cooked. You can either assign the dish or keep a list. Make sure there are options that suit everyone’s dietary needs-vegetarian, vegan and allergies.

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Step 3: Making desserts

Another big part of this Christmas party is making desserts. As a host, you should make a bigger dish like a pie for everyone to enjoy. Have guests bring one if they want to, but not required. Having a dessert table is a necessity that should be filled with all your favorite holiday treats. As an activity during the party, you all could decorate Christmas cookies.

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Step 4: Plan fun activities

Christmas season brings a lot of opportunities which means you will have to step up your hostess game. Keeping your guests entertained and making them have fun is the goal of the night. Some things to do at your Friendsmas could be decorating gingerbread houses, drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas videos/movies, play in the snow, walk around and see Christmas lights and listen to some classic Christmas songs. As long as you all are together and celebrating each other, you all will have fun.

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Step 5: Plan a secret santa

Even though the true meaning of Christmas isn’t about the gifts, exchanging gifts as a secret is always a fun time. You can either draw names out of a hat or use a secret santa random generator online to assign people to one another. Make sure you set the limit for how much you all will be willing to spend. Another good idea is to make a list of what people like, to ease shopping for your guests. Have a Christmas exchange the night of the party and tell each other who you have had.