Action for Africa plans for the future

Lisa Pham

Not too long since their first meeting, Action for Africa is already planning for their future and hoping for the best.

“I hope to inspire a new generation of movers and shakers, and to provoke them to want to change the world they live in by doing what they love to do,” club president Micah McClain (12) said.

A returning member, Emily Zeng (10) wants to spread the word about Action for Africa. “I hope that the club will become more widely known, so more people will join and be aware of what the purpose of the club is,” Zeng said.

“We’re currently in the process of planning our annual fashion show, which will probably be sometime in December,” vice president Micah Walker (12) said. The annual fashion show also includes a silent auction which raises money for Invisible Children, an organization for children in northern Uganda.

They are also planning on having an ice cream social and even a dance-off in order to raise money for other charities, including Invisible Children and Hope World Wide.

Lisa Pham (11) is a contributing photographer and writer to Manual RedEye.