Manual’s library will no longer be checking out books this semester


DuPont Manual’s library will no longer be checking books out this semester due to renovations.

Jacob Hamm

Manual’s library has halted book check-out for the rest of the year as they prepare for one of Manual’s largest renovations in decades.

Starting this summer, Manual will be undergoing a nearly $29 million renovation. This renovation will be spread out over the next two school years. The renovations will begin in the Southeast Wing of the building, the region between center hall and the large gym, and this will include the library.

With the library being renovated, this means that all of the books must be packed up and out of the library.

“[We] have to have everything in a box, or boxes, no later than April,” Manual’s librarian Holly McCullough said. Due to the massive catalog of books stored in the library, this means that the librarians will have to start packing up books within the next week or two.

Students with books checked out should have received notice of this, and should return the books to the library immediately.

What will the library’s renovations be like?

Similar to the rest of the building, the library will get new HVAC systems along with new wiring, carpet, and lighting.

McCullough explained that she negotiated with Manual’s administrators and the renovation team to get new things added for Manual students to utilize after the renovation.

“I tried to get as much as I could added in addition to what we already have, like, additional data drops and outlets,” McCullough said. “I hope they keep the integrity of some of the architectural features of the building.”

What do I do if I need a book?

If you are in need of a book at any point this semester and prefer not to purchase it, your best bet will be the Louisville Free Public Library.

The Louisville Free Public library currently has 18 locations throughout the city, although two of these are currently under construction. A full list of locations and hours can be found on their website.

If you are unable to make it to one of their locations, you can also find Ebook options for many of their books, which are available to download through the Kindle app.

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