Theatre and Musical Theatre majors take trip to see Sense and Sensibility

Ashley Burkett

On September 15, Theatre and Musical Theatre students went to see John Jory’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility at Actors Theater. 

“We chose the play Sense and Sensibility because we wanted the young actors and actresses to see some classical literature and also because we wanted to show them some of John Jory’s work and how he incorporated the theme of circles [the act of showing unity],” Ms. Katie Blackerby (Theater) said. 

“I really liked the play,” Emily Borst (10) said. “It was constantly giving me goosebumbs. I felt like it was very similar to the play
Pride and Prejudice as far as the plot goes,” she said. 

Elizabeth Brown (10) thought differently. “They had awful British accents. I could have acted way better than any of them,” Brown said. 

Students paid $30 for the field trip, which covers Sense and Sensibility and one other play. 

Sense and Sensibility runs at Actors from August 30 to September 24. 

Fifth Third Bank’s Dracula (September 16 to October 30) and Theater of War (September 12 to October 10) are also currently playing at Actors Theater.