Poems to Mr. Vaught

Julian E. Wright

by Kijana Beauchamp

Outspoken, beyond words,

a man of unspoken love,

one wishing you well, supplying you hugs.

Funny personality, a lovable man,

someone who was always lending a hand.

“Own The Moment” was his motto,

Remembering Mr. Vaught

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  • “Let the butterflies fly,”

    hoping you would follow.

    A man who encouraged you to speak,

    always making sure you reached your peak.

    Applaud for him, don’t hold on to sorrow

    because behind Mr. Vaught’s personality always followed.

    Clint Vaught, you touched so many,

    you did so much and touched so plenty.

    So thank you, Clint Vaught, for all you did,

    Sincerely, CMA. You were a true friend.


    “Own the Moment” by Madison Ferriell

    They call them dreamers.

    They take life by the hands,

    And never let go.

    They are the cliff divers,

    The go-getters,

    The activists.

    They are the communicators.

    They’re fantasies aren’t fantasies.

    Life is their canvas,

    Their blank page,

    Their stage.

    They own moments.

    They let their butterflies fly in formation.

    They know death can destroy so much.

    And it will.

    But it can’t destroy memories.

    Mr. Vaught,

    These are you’re students,

    And most people call them dreamers.

    But because of you,

    They are the visionaries.

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Vaught