Track and Field to throw down at regionals


Kate Benton

The Regionals meet for the Track and Field team is quickly approaching this Saturday, May 18, at Saint Xavier High School and the throwers of the team are preparing with high expectations.

The throwing events, which include discus and shot put, are categorized as field events.

On Manual’s team, the throwers only make up a small portion of the team, but, their throwing distances make up for it.

In the girls ranks, Madison Bush (11, HSU) is first in the region with a shot put throwing distance of 35.2 feet and Sydney Tucker (12, J&C) stands fifteeth in the region, throwing 30 feet.

Among the boys, Bryan Back (11, YPAS), Terrence Packer (11, HSU), Malachi Lawrence (10, HSU) and Montana Mclain-Watts (9, HSU) qualified for the finals in their previous meet at Male.

This lineup for regionals is supported by their new throwing coach, Robyn Thompson.

“This is my first year coaching at Manual and it’s been amazing so far!” Coach Thompson said.

Thompson works with the athletes on technique, strengthening their arms and preventing any injuries.

Though rivals such as Collins High School, Male High School, and Fern Creek High School present some competition, Thompson has high hopes for the team.

“My goal this year is to get as many people to Regionals and State Championships as we can,” she said.

The team also reflects this attitude of strength and confidence due to their already strong and optimistic season.

“The season has been really fun, supportive and focused,” Tucker said. “I feel we will reach PRs with God’s help and excel because of our hard work.”

Sydney, too, believes the team will rank high.

“I feel we will at least be fourth or above, with Male as a rival,” she said.

The throwers’ current bests are listed below:

  • Bryan Back (11, YPAS) Discus 139 feet
  • Bryan Back (11, YPAS) Shot Put 49.9 feet
  • Terrence Packer (11, HSU) Discus 128.8 feet
  • Terrence Packer (11, HSU) Shot Put 45.2feet
  • Madison Bush (11, HSU) Discus 96 feet
  • Madison Bush (11, HSU) Shot Put 35.2 feet
  • Malachi Lawrence (10, HSU) Shot Put 46 feet
  • Montana Mclain-Watts (9, HSU) Discus 116 feet
  • Montana Mclain-Watts (9, HSU) Shot Put 43.6 feet
  • Sydney Tucker (12, J&C) Shot Put 30 feet