Their unknown contributions: KMAC hosts Girl Hall of Fame

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Alauryn Moore (10, J&C)

The Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts (KMAC) hosted an art gallery “Girl Hall of Fame” to show appreciation for the formative roles women and non-binary musicians have played in our musical scenery on May 16.

“It’s so cool to be able to see all of the accomplishments made by women especially since we are often overlooked in that field,” Lea Clark, a visitor, said.

Around 15 people submitted their art to the exhibit and even more came to observe it.

All of the people that submitted their art pieces were enrolled in a summer camp called “Girls Rock Louisville” where their mission is to empower girls, transgender youth, and gender non- conforming youth from all backgrounds by exploring music creation in a supportive, inclusive environment.

This art exhibition wasn’t one time thing from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. but, it is uncertain when the next Girls Hall of Fame art exhibition will occur because due to it being hosted for the first time ever it will need a lot of support from the community and museum.

The people who choose to partake in this event create their own pieces of art either paintings, sculptures, or clothes and shoes and they have signed up for the event. Everyone from the community is welcome to the event regardless of their age.

KMAC hosts a multitude of other events such as their Family Fun Day, competitive Poetry Slams for older people that are 18 and older and they can also compete in groups, and and their First Friday Hop, all of which repeat at some time every month.

Most events at KMAC are free but some special events, such as the teen poetry slam, there is a $5 fee or more at the door to get in, but you do not have to be performing in the event to attend.For more information about events at KMAC go to their website.