JCPS requires classes to take mandatory tests

Burak Aslan

JCPS recently adopted mandatory end of the year tests that will be given to students in certain classes.

The tests, which were recommended by the State Education Commission and will be customized for each class, will count for 20% of students’ second semester grade.

The state’s recommendation to implement these tests was a response to widespread low test scores in certain classes—including many AP courses, in addition to a range of math and science classes—and are intended to ensure that all students will be held to the same standards.

However, some teachers are unhappy with this idea. “I don’t think it’s a good idea because I’ve never counted any one test as 20% of an entire grade,” Mr. Glenn Zwanzig (MST Biology) said. “Plus, the material covers a full year, and I don’t think 20% of your grade is a fair assessment.”

Another concern is that information on the test won’t be relevant to the course, or that courses will not be able to go as in depth into certain subjects because they will have more to cover. “I’ve had to go back and look at their core content and make sure I’m covering everything,” Mr. Zwanzig said. “There are some things that I just did not cover in the past that I didn’t was that necessary, but now I have to cover a lot more so that they can test well.”