Crash course to defending your backpack


JCPS seniors must defend their digital backpacks before the end of the school year.

Macy Waddle

As second semester begins, it’s now crunch time for seniors to defend their backpacks. For those who have yet to do so, Manual RedEye has everything you need to make sure you get that perfect score.

What to Know 

The backpack contains six folders; Effective Communicator, Emerging Innovator, Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen, Prepared and Resilient Learner, Productive Collaborator and a School Signature item.

To learn what is expected in each folder, click here.

Last year only five out of six of the folders were included in the grading process. This year, the School Signature item category is also part of the rubric.

The School Signature item is not included in the explanation pamphlet, but Ms. Lete explained that it is “basically just something you’re proud of.”

She also mentioned a few things that might qualify for the School Specialty folder.

“For example an award you won or participating in all county band,” she said.

Each folder should have at least two artifacts. When presenting, students either use a powerpoint or the presentation method already included in the backpack.

Struggling on deciding what to put in each folder? Click here for tips.


How to achieve the perfect score 

The most common mistake Ms. Lete and other adults who have participated on the panel of judges have noticed is not being prepared.

“It is important to use the language of the rubric. If you don’t use the words used on the rubric while presenting, points will be taken off,” Ms. Lete said.

For a copy of the rubric click here.

Ms. Lete and other panel judges love to see variety. While some artifacts are allowed to be used in more than one folder, she does not recommend this.

“My favorite thing to see is students doing things outside their magnet. For example, an art project in an MST student’s backpack, or a research paper in a YPAS student’s,” she said.

Remaining Dates 

Students can sign up to defend their backpacks on the list outside of Ms. Lete’s office. Remaining dates for backpack presentations include:

Jan. 29: Crimson Hour 10:30-11:30

Every Thursday after school: 2:30-3:30

Feb. 14: Gold Day 12:30-2:30

March 20: Crimson Hour 10:30-11:30

Ms. Lete also encourages community members to volunteer as judges for senior backpack defenses. For more information click here.