A senior’s guide to the college application process


Liv Bohler

Ways to Apply to College

Many schools accept applications through the Common or Coalition Application. PrepScholar, an online SAT preparation system, defines them as “online platforms that allow you to apply to multiple colleges at once.” Within both resources, students are able to input their personal information regarding their four-year high school experience. Colleges account for extracurricular activities, a personal statement, honors, education details about the student and members of their household, leadership roles, and much more. Both of the platforms, however, are different.

Common Application Vs. Coalition Application

Common Application essays can be found here.

Coalition Application can be found here.

Keep in mind during your college application process, that some colleges and universities take neither the common or coalition application. For example, schools like MIT, Georgetown University, and the University of California at Los Angeles do not take either of these application platforms.

Advice from current Seniors

  • “I recommend really thinking about what you want from the school you’re going to: aka big vs small, a certain major, lots of full-ride scholarships, a certain location, or special program/pathway! That will help you narrow down your different options,” Mandala Gupta Vierwiebe (12, J&C) said. 
  • “If there’s a school you don’t think you’ll get into, don’t be afraid to apply anyway. You never know exactly what they’re looking for, so give it a shot,” Aidan Mike (12, MST) said. 
  • “Having everything in front of you and getting on top of this ahead of time really helps take away the stress,” Masara Mtangi (12, J&C) said. 
  • “Write the essays at least 2 weeks early and dual credit students have access to the University of Louisville writing center. Also, pay attention to college programs and scholarships that require a secondary application so that you don’t do it last second and run out of time,” Safwa Gopang (12, MST) said. 
  • “Time management is really important. You don’t want to rush any of your applications, so make sure to give yourself an ample amount of time,” Ashrith Garimella (12, MST) said. 

How to choose which application to use 

Infographic by Bel Magers.