OPINION: Kamala Harris represents women in the White House


A woman proudly holding a sign as she celebrates Joe Biden’s victory. Photo by Rom Matibag. Sourced from unsplash.com.

Ofelia Mattingly

In the American government today, old white men are the majority. According to Scholastic, in Congress, 90% of lawmakers are male and 87% of them are white and the median age of the members of House and Senate are 57 and 68, respectively. Congress does not represent everyone in the United States as a whole, especially women.

In the past women were underrepresented in the government. We see albeit women are more seen in the government today. But a woman has not made it into the White House; that is until the 2020 election. 

Kamala Harris was elected to be the next vice president-elect of the United States. This is especially important because she is the first woman of color who will be in the White House. Harris being the next vice president is going to inspire more women, especially women of color, to rise and have a profession that will impact the country. 

Seeing this gives me hope on what I can be in the future, that my future won’t be stopped because I’m a woman of color. In my experiences, I sometimes felt that I couldn’t achieve the things I want because I’m a woman of color. I fear that I will be called prejudiced words, but Kamala Harris didn’t let that stop her from achieving what she wants in her life. This makes me feel empowered to do what I want to do with my life. 

Hearing her speeches is an inspiration to me because she delivered the message that women can be anything they can put their minds to especially if they are a woman who wants to make it into the White House. Kamala Harris has broken the cycle of women not being represented in the White House.