Guide to making your college decision during Covid


Some factors to consider when making your final college decision is location, cost, and college culture. Infographic by Liv Bohler.

Liv Bohler

As it gets closer to May 1, National College Decision Day, it is important to recognize which factors should be considered when choosing your college of choice. While this year has been drastically different than the lives of past seniors, students can still confidently make this decision when considering the right factors.


While you may have not been able to visit colleges due to the inability to travel safely or schools canceling campus tours, there are still other options available, such as touring colleges virtually. While students do not get to physically walk on campus, virtual tour guides are able to describe areas of campus, highlights and even campus tradition. As some schools consider demonstrated interest when making their decisions, it is a great way to show that a student is invested in a specific school.

When deciding where to embark on the next chapter of your life, it is crucial to choose a location that is beneficial to you and your future endeavors. If you prefer warm weather, maybe look towards your college options on the West Coast. If you prefer a city environment, step away from the college campus that is based in rural towns or is the only highlight of a city. 


The cost of an institution is determined by housing expenses, tuition, food and more, and it can fluctuate based on many factors. Some include where the school is located and how many scholarships they are able to provide. If the student’s deciding factor when choosing a college is cost, as the student begins to receive their acceptances and financial aid packages, it is important to compare them. Depending on the institution, it is occasionally an option to request more scholarships by comparing the benefit of others as a bargaining tool. 

When considering the cost of an institution, something to keep in mind is the ultimate outcome of the student’s degree. Will you choose a profession that will cover the cost of your education in less than a year? Will you choose a profession that will cover the cost of your education throughout the rest of your life?

For most students, this is what it will come down to, and depending on your financial situation, you should be prepared to sacrifice some other qualities of the college or university.


Not all colleges and universities offer the same school culture. While some schools may be known for a student body that primarily focuses on academics, another’s student body may be known for their large sorority and fraternity participation. 

College culture is largely dependent on how many students attend the school. Whether that may be more than ten thousand students or less than two thousand students — it drastically changes the school culture. For example, smaller colleges can offer a more intimate environment with a larger support system, and larger colleges may be unable to offer the same. However given their large student population, the environment may be more diverse and offer services that are in tune with more students. 

Depending on what type of student body that you would like to be surrounded by in order for you to succeed, you can look through a school’s social media to see what kind of ideals and student activities they promote.

Given that many students have already applied to schools and know which schools they will have to choose from, take these factors into greater consideration when making your final decision. Sometimes, it helps to not make the decision on your own — talk to your parents and teachers about where they feel you will thrive. 

Good luck and choose wisely!