Covid-friendly activities for the spring time


Ofelia Mattingly

Photo by Ofelia Mattingly.

Ofelia Mattingly

As we are moving into the spring season during COVID-19, there are still many restrictions on what people can do with others. Although they are becoming more lax as people are getting their vaccinations, it is still not safe to gather in groups as normal. With the weather warming up, here are some nature-filled activities to participate in safely.

Go hiking

Hiking is a good way to exercise while also being socially distanced from other people. This is a good stress reliever as we get into the testing phase of the school year. Taking time to go hiking also allows you to spend time with your family and friends, as well as appreciate nature and its scenery. Some good hiking places in Louisville include Wild Hyacinth Trail, Cherokee Park Trail, and Limestone Gorge Trail.

Go on a picnic

Another stress relieving activity students can participate in is going on a picnic. The process to make a picnic is very relaxing, and preparing individually-wrapped food items is a safe way to enjoy a meal with the people you love. Find an area with nice scenery, set up your equipment and enjoy the outdoors. Picnics are a great way to spend time with your family and just relax, take your mind off school-related activities and enjoy your day.

Play a sport

Because of winter, many outdoor activities were limited, but now that spring has come there are many opportunities to get out and play a sport you love.  Whether recreational or competitive, going outside with a team of people socially distanced is a great way to get your body moving as well as stay connected when everyone is still far apart.

Enjoy Derby festivities

Though the Kentucky Derby was postponed from May to September in 2020, the festivities are still going to take place in the upcoming weeks. Thunder Over Louisville will take place this upcoming Saturday in five different locations in Louisville, so look out for fireworks. The Derby races and Oaks events will be held later in the month. Tickets can be found here.