Manual students respond to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s new presidential campaign ad.

Jack Steele Mattingly

After Texas Governor Rick Perry released a controversial campaign ad on Dec. 6, many Manual students have responded with mainly negative feedback to each other on Facebook and in person.

The video is 30 seconds long and shows Gov. Perry standing in a field and wearing casual clothes as he talks to the camera about problems he sees and goals he has. He stated that gays serving openly in the military and schools not allowing kids to celebrate Christmas or pray are major problems, and that he plans to end Obama’s “war on religion” and bring Christianity back to Washington.

Many students have said the ad was very offensive because the Texas governor insulted gays in the military. Christian students also took offense, saying he misrepresented them and how not all Christians were against gays.

“The fact that there’s even a chance that someone so ignorant could become president is so scary,” Jesse Shelburne (10) said. 

“I feel like it’s wrong for him [Perry] to criticize gays in the military, because they’re just as American and brave as any straight person so, they should have the right to defend our country,” Alex Luckertt (10) said.

The video has gained 4.7 million views in four days and has a dislike ratio of about 1212:36.