“Mercy rule” invoked in defeat of Central


Manual girls soccer team playing versus Central.

Weston Corak

Last night Manual (2-0) defeated Central (1-1) 10-0.

To start off the game, Manual took an early 1-0 lead thanks to a goal by Elizabeth Kraimer (11, #19). Manual continued their lead, making the score 2-0 after a goal by Abigail Barker (9, #37). Manual increased their lead to 3-0 following a goal from Amelia Jones (10, #43). Not long after, Manual scored again making their lead 4-0 after a goal by Paige Neal (12, #10). Manual scored another goal thanks to Amelia Jones, making their lead 5-0.

Continuing their run, Manual scored again after a goal from Gianna Zamborini (11, #22), increasing their lead by one. After multiple corner kicks, Manual managed to score two more goals after shots from Jane Mundell (9, #20) and Zamborini, making their lead 8-0. Manual continued their dominance, increasing their lead 9-0 after a goal from Mundell.

Manual scored once more with another goal from Mundell, increasing their lead 10-0 and winning the game. As the season continues, Manual hopes to take what they learned from this game and continue it further into their season. “We could have worked more constructively as a team, but I think that we’ll take away what we learned today and continue it to our next game,” Emerson Jones (10, #7) said.

Since the game was mercy ruled, there was no second half.

Manual’s next game will be on Saturday, as they host St. Henry.