Environmental Club cleans up campus

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Jaia Kattan (10, J&C).

On Thursday, Sept. 30, at 2:30 p.m., Manual’s Environmental Club held a clean up during which they picked up three bags of litter around the school in honor of National Cleanup Month. The club split up throughout Manual’s campus, including the courtyard, the front of the school and the outside YPAS area. They picked up any litter they found scattered on the ground.

Environmental Club’s leaders holding the three bags of litter collected. Photo by Jaia Kattan.

The Environmental Club is a club that focuses on contributing to the improvement of the environment. “The goal of this club is simply focused on getting people involved in caring for their environment,” Mia Treinen (12, J&C), president of the club, explained, “I think the greatest impact of this club is the passion that is being spread through the school. Environmental Club has a ton of students that are changing their lifestyles out of concern for the planet,” she continued.

The club usually meets on Tuesdays in room 213 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., and while each meeting looks different, the club handles recycling each week as well as other activities such as more school clean-ups and potting plants. The club’s biggest plan this year is to create gardens. “Having school gardens won’t just look pretty, but it will get students involved in nature,” Treinen stated.

The Environmental Club seems to not only have an impact on the school, but on students in the club as well. “It’s helped me be more motivated to help the environment and realize that we all have a responsibility to protect it,” Elise Bowden (10, HSU), a club member, said, “I am more mindful of my plastic use,” she finished.