Mercy Academy defeats the volleyball team


KC Ciresi

Nya Bunton (#5, 11) goes up for a back row kill and takes the point for Manual. KC Ciresi.

KC Ciresi

Last night, varsity and junior varsity volleyball lost to Mercy after a win by the freshman team.

Mercy took the lead early in the first set and led the entirety of the set by a wide margin, winning 25-10 after multiple kills by Chloe Newton (#8, 12).

Manual forced a fight with a much closer score throughout the second set, with Mercy leading 6-5 to start after multiple kills by Manual’s Nya Bunton (#5, 11) and Ruby Nwosu (#21, 12). Still, Mercy took the second set 25-18 after another kill by Chloe Newton.

To start the third set, Mercy took an early lead and pulled away 16-12 after multiple kills and blocks by Chloe Newton and Meridith Brown (#20, 11).

Mercy won the third set 25-16 and the overall game due to multiple net violations and a missed hit by Manual. “These girls are trying to figure out how to truly compete,” Coach Richard Weaver said. “You see glimpses of it but the consistency of it is what’s got to get there.”

Despite the loss, Coach Weaver is still very optimistic for the future of the team. “Talent-wise, there’s not a single team we’ve seen this year that are better volleyball players position by position all together than we are,” he said. “It is an internal thing that they are looking for, and it’s there and they’re going to tap into it.”

The team will host their senior night against Collins tonight at 7.