Today’s Tech: Sony Ericsson joining Sony in 2012

Burak Aslan

Sony recently bought out Ericsson’s share of Sony Ericsson, giving Sony full ownership of the entire Sony Ericsson business. This will give Sony new access to devices originally produced by Sony Ericsson. The company will also receive the license and ownership of five essential patent families. This will be a great way for Sony to expand its business in the world today. I’m really looking forward to what engineers at the company are going to do with the Xperia Play, the Playstation Phone. The current device isn’t that hot. I really do not like the virtual analog sticks they put into the device. I want to see a real gaming device made, like the PSVita. That thing is a beast, packing a quad-core processor with a SGX543MP4+ GPU. It even has a touch screen and a rear touch pad. The only bad part about it is that it will only be released on AT&T’s network. I want to see Sony make a new Playstation phone with unbelievable specs, while keeping a decent battery life. 

I also like this partnership because Sony Ericsson’s workers in the phone department will now be working for the new company, giving Sony an advantage. Sony Ericsson has a history of making really good phones, such as the T68i, T610, and T650: phones people have fallen in love with. Sony can finally make me a true PlayStation phone, not something like the crappy Xperia Play. Remember when Apple teamed up with Motorola to make the ROKR sync to iTunes? It had a song limit, but after that flopped, Apple went out to build their own phone, which eventually led to the production of the iPhone. Same thing can happen here. Let Sony make us a proper PlayStation phone and have them rake in most of the software profits in games in their PS Suite. I want to see it done, Sony.