R/W Week 2022: A preview

Lydia Morgan

Red/White Week runs from Oct. 24 through Oct. 28 and includes many festivities, leading up to the rivalry Male/Manual game on Friday evening.

See below for 2022’s R/W Week themes, events and traditions to prepare for the coming week.


Decades Day: Students come dressed in outfits that reflect popular styles in a previous decade.

Ramstock: After school, from 2:30 to 3:30, bands and musical groups made up of Manual students will perform live in the courtyard. Audience members then vote for their favorite group, and the band with the most votes gets to play during Friday’s Pep Rally.


Celebrity Day: Students come dressed as their favorite celebrity, such as a music artist or movie star.


Costume Day: Students come dressed in any costumes they would like, as long as the costume does not include a full-face mask or a weapon (real or fake).

Carnival: After school, from 2:30 to 4:00, students can participate in fun games on the Front Lawn. Some of the games are carnival-style with the possibility of winning a prize. Other games are more similar to the Olympics, and students will play for the possibility of representing their grade during the Pep Rally on Friday.

Powderpuff: The junior girls go up against the senior girls in a game of flag football at the Manual stadium at 6 p.m.


Doomsday: Students come dressed in all-black funeral attire to mourn the death of Male’s mascot, the bulldog.

Burial of the Bulldog: Before school, from 7:10-7:40, students gather in the auditorium to watch the funeral and burial service of the bulldog.

Hushtags: This year, boys will receive hushtags during their first block. Throughout the day, boys may only say “Beat Male!” to girls. If a boy says anything besides “Beat Male!” to a girl, the girl can take the hushtag. The girl with the most hushtags wins a prize at the end of the day. Non-binary or agender participants may choose to receive a hushtag in the morning or try to take hushtags throughout the day.


Spirit Day: Students come dressed in Manual-themed attire.

Pep Rally: The Pep Rally hypes up the Crimsons football players with the Ramstock winners, performances from the Dazzlers and the Step Team, Olympic-style games and a Junior and Senior Powderpuff dance battle.

Male/Manual Game: Manual plays Male in a rivalry game first played in 1893 at Male’s stadium at 7 p.m. The winning team of the Old Rivalry game will get to keep the barrel as a trophy.

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