R/W Week: Seniors defeat juniors in annual powderpuff game


Ava Blair

The seniors pose for a photo after the game. Photo by Ava Blair

Ava Blair

On Wednesday night, the senior powderpuff team defeated the juniors with a score of 19-12 at Manual Stadium. The game was played in 30-minute running clock halves with the boys’ cheer teams performing during halftime. The teams were coached by Manual football players.

First Half:

On the opening play, the juniors received the ball first and were stopped short of the line of scrimmage by the senior defense. However, on the next play, Jasmine Hampton (#3, 11) ran over twenty yards. This allowed for a touchdown by Asia Sloan (#33,11). The extra point was incomplete, leaving the score at 6-0 with the juniors leading. 

The seniors also got off to a quick start with multiple long runs from Mia Leon (#23, 12). Leon scored for the juniors but the extra point was incomplete, putting the score at 6-6. 

“The beginning was definitely a battle,” Leon explained. She also explained how the energy was high throughout the game, both in the stands and on the field. “The seniors, we were hype, ready for a back to back.”

Neither team scored on the next drives after several defensive stops.  

The juniors got the ball again and scored after a fifty-yard run by Hampton. The extra point was incomplete after the seniors’ defense stopped a run by Savannah Smithson (#88, 11). 

The seniors received the ball again right before halftime but were not able to connect and score. 


The cheer teams, which consisted of boys from the corresponding grades, performed during halftime. The Dazzlers dance team compiled the routines.

The junior cheer team performed first, wearing boas and frayed shirts completed with glittery makeup. 

The seniors performed after, with some wearing full cheer uniforms.

Senior Austin Peak (12, HSU) explained how he thought the performance went great. “We dominated the juniors, we had the enthusiasm, we had the firepower.”

“Seniors definitely won, but juniors gave it some heart,” Sydney Webb (11, HSU) admitted about the cheer performances.

Second Half:

The seniors started the second half with the ball. Leon scored again and the extra point was good. This put the score at 13-12 with the seniors having a slight lead.

The juniors were stopped short of the end zone.

The seniors took over and Leon had another explosive run. This led to a touchdown by Gianna Zamborini (#7,12). The score was 19-12, after another incomplete extra point.

The game ended with an interception by senior Jessica Schnurr (#26, 12).

“Every single touchdown we scored was a highlight of the night, every single one,” Senior coach Trey Ryan (12, HSU) explained.