Manual succumbs to Male in their second loss of the year


Isabella Edghill

The Rams watch the game from the sidelines. Photo by Isabella Edghill

Jackson Jones

One of the oldest rivalries in Kentucky high school football returned Friday night as the Crimsons faced the Male Bulldogs at Maxwell Stadium. After a hard-fought game, the Bulldogs emerged victorious with the final score being 14-3. 

First Half:

The Rams started off with possession of the ball but were unable to capitalize. After a few more changes in possessions and costly penalties, neither team was able to score as both defenses were able to hold each other off. The score remained 0-0 going into the second quarter. 

The defenses remained dominant in the beginning of the second quarter as possessions were being traded back and forth. With a little over five minutes until halftime, Manual QB Tyree Stoner (#7, 9) threw a completed pass to wide receiver Jeremiah Blakey (#11, 12) but was fumbled and recovered by Male defensive end RaShandre Moore (#58, 12). Male gained possession at the Crimson 39 yard line. 

After a few incomplete passes, Male QB Kolter Smith (#15, 11) connected a 30 yard pass to wide receiver Max Gainey (#5, 11) for the first touchdown of the game. The extra point was good by Lance Gossett (#90, 12). The score was 7-0, Bulldogs in the lead. 

The Rams got a few good passes down the field after Male’s touchdown, but they couldn’t advance past midfield and had to punt it back to the Bulldogs. The first half concluded as the score remained 7-0. 

Second Half:

The Bulldogs received the ball coming out of half and made it to the Crimson 20. Manual’s defense held strong, however, and forced a turnover as they stopped them at 4th and 1. Manual regained possession at their own 20. 

Stoner then completed a huge pass to Blakey, which he ran to the Male 15 yard line. Manual kicker Parker Friedman (#34, 10) was then able to complete a field goal, giving the Rams their first points of the game and decreasing the scoring gap to 7-3.

In another Male 4th and 1, Manual linebacker Miles Rhodes (#13, 12) made a great play and blocked a pass from Male’s QB which resulted in Manual gaining another possession on their own 37. 

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Rams were able to make some good headway down the field after Stoner completed a 25 yard pass to Artemis Hines (#2, 11). However, the Rams weren’t quite able to finish after Friedman missed a field goal and the Bulldogs gained another possession.

Male was able to drive down the field, and after a valiant effort by the Rams defense, Smith completed yet another pass to Gainey for a Male touchdown. The extra point was good, increasing Male’s lead to 14-3.

Following the Bulldog’s touchdown, Manual was troubled with turnovers. Male player Dalario Ezell-St Clair (#14, 12) intercepted a pass from Stoner, resulting in Male gaining another possession at the Crimsons’ 20. After another change in possession, the Rams fumbled the ball and Male linebacker Antojuan Weathers (#13, 12) recovered it. However, the Rams defense hung on and prevented the Bulldogs from scoring again.

In an interesting end to the match, Male students swarmed the field a bit too early as the game clock was still at 2 seconds and were ushered back into the stands by the referees. The final score ended up being 14-3, a Male victory this year. The Bulldogs keep the barrel until next year and beat Manual for the ninth year in a row.