Crimson football season ends with a loss against Bullitt East


Ava Blair

Coach Stoner making an announcement to the team earlier this season. Photo by Ava Blair

The Rams fell to the Chargers last night in what ended up being their final game of the season. The score was 35-36.

First Half:

Manual started out with an offensive drive. Zeek Washburn (#22, 11) went on a 60 yd run but was taken back with a block in the back penalty. The Crimsons struggled to make plays that would gain them a few yards.

Bullitt East was the first to put points on the board in a quarterback draw. Travis Egan (#10, 12) scored a touchdown and the extra point was successful.

The Rams eventually scored their first touchdown of the night after Cameron Jessee (#19, 10) received an assist from Eli Creech (10, 11). The field goal by Parker Friedman (#34, 10) was successful, tying the game at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Bullitt East scored again after Mason Gauthier (#23, 12) made a run for the endzone, bringing the score up to 14-7.

However, Manual was able to stop the Chargers’ next drive. Off the kickoff return, Jeremiah Blakely (#11, 12) ran a 65 yd return, which resulted in another touchdown for the Rams. Friedman’s kick was good, giving Manual the extra point.

With only 28 seconds left in the first half, Egan scored Bullitt East’s third touchdown of the night as the Crimsons began to lose defensive energy and drive.

Second half:

The Chargers, leading 21-14, came into the second half full of momentum. Manual was struggling to make good tackles and plays on defense.

Eight minutes into the third quarter, Egan went in for a rushing touchdown, increasing the Chargers’ lead. The quarter ended with a score of 28-14.

The Rams began to bring back their momentum and energy in the fourth quarter. Willis Nofsinger (#39, 10) first scored an eight-yard touchdown, then Tyree Stoner (#7, 9) rushed into the endzone to tie the game once again. The two-point conversion was successful, with the Crimsons leading 29-28.

With only two minutes left in the game, Bullitt East returned the Manual kickoff with a touchdown to complete a two-point conversion. Shortly after, Manual’s Trey Ryan (#70, 12) connects with Blakely for the Crimsons’ final touchdown of the evening. However, the two-point conversion was unsuccessful this time, leaving the score at 35-36.

This was the final score of the game and Manual’s final game of the season.

“I feel sad for the seniors, they worked all four years. We just came up short, but we’re going to bounce back. We got work to do in January,” (#55, 11) Aenias McGilbra said.

“We just came off a hard-fought loss. The ending of this game was electric, but we couldn’t come out with this one. It’s my last game as a DuPont Manual football player but we came out here and fought. Everybody did their job to the best of their abilities and I’m proud of every single one of my brothers,” Drew Mclure (#51, 12) said.

“Obviously we didn’t come away with a win. The feeling is just one of those deals where you kind of have to lick the wounds and you wish the outcome was different. The resilience that our guys showed really shows that the future is bright for Manual football,” Head Coach Donnie Stoner said.

The championship game will be held at Kroger Field in Lexington on December 3 at 4 pm.