Manual vs. Cancer: a Manual band showcase for charity

Cal Handmaker

From rap groups to guitar duos, Manual student musicians have been performing around the city, both at Manual and elsewhere, for decades.

Rarely do these bands and solo artists perform together, but on Sunday, January 15, Matt Martin (11) will host a showcase of Manual artists appropriately dubbed “Manual vs. Cancer,” the proceeds of which will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

According to Martin, his friend Patrick Haertel (11) gave him the idea to host the show. Martin interns for a promotion company called “New Vintage Showcase,” which allows him the privilege of running shows at Zazoo’s bar. He’s the organizer of this concert, which involves collecting the bands and artists, reserving Zazoo’s, promoting the event, and communicating with the American Cancer Society to confirm his donations.

Martin’s career plan at this point is to be a concert promoter; he began planning shows under the title “Matt Martin Presents” in October of 2011.

“I’ve always wanted to do something in music because that’s what I love to do. And I figured I should do something in business, because that’s what people in my family are good at,” he said. “You get to set up shows, you get to pick the bands that are in them… basically, I just think of a concert I’d want to see, and I set that up. You get to see people enjoying the concert, the bands get fans and money, it’s just all-around good. There isn’t a downside.”

Manual vs. Cancer will feature eight forty-five minute acts along with guest DJ sets from Cyntrix, a solo artist. The show will last from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the fifteenth. Most of the performers are Manual students and will be selling tickets themselves, and the event is sponsored by Key Club.

The final lineup is still in the works, but participating bands are as follows:

DJ JD: Jody Dahmer (11)

Price & Bryce: Price McGuffey (11), Bryce Priddy (11)

kYx: Kyndl Woodlee (12)

Think Harder: Matt Martin (11), Burak Aslan (11), Jacob Linde (11), Richard Stottman (Eastern, 11), Anthony Slusher (Liberty, 9)

The Sunday Proposition: Dave Carroll (12), Noah Park (12), Donovan Pimentel (12), Sean Varady (12)

GoodLuck Joseph: Aaron Dyche (12), Cole McNair (11), Zack Uhlenhuth (12), Nick Uhlenhuth (12)

Rainy Daze Productions: Austin Gupta (12), Kush Nijhawan (12), Neil Nijhawan (12), Umang Khandpur (Class of 2011)

Remora: Emily McConville (11), Dave Morris (Trinity, 12), Alex Clemons (Trinity, 12), Tommy Burns (Ballard, 11), Emily Redding (Fern Creek, 11)

Cyntrix: Richard Stottman (Eastern, 11)

Admission to the concert will be $10.