Manual Art Club takes a break

Brent Wesley

The Manual Art Club has been on a long break from its usual Wednesday meetings, as the club has not met since the week before finals.

The reason for the art club’s lack of recent meetings is that the club leaders and sponsor, Mr. Doug Deweese (VA), decided to give members a break so they could spend more time studying for finals. After the break, the art club’s first meeting back was canceled due to the sponsor not having time to supervise the group.

Some students were not pleased about the cancellation. “Art club, always on Wednesdays, was like the mid-week thing that I always looked forward to. The long break from art club has just made the weeks feel longer and more stressful,” Zachary Steiger (12) said.

The last time the art club met, the members spent their afternoon making t-shirts via silk screen, a process using various inks and a screen with portions blocked off to create an image on the fabric, which can later be dried and worn as much as the owner pleases.

“Whoever brought in a shirt and asked it to be printed on, we kindly did them the service for free, no profit, no advertisement, just happy art clubbers,” Steiger said.

The art club is scheduled to meet again next Wednesday, Jan. 11.