Manual RedEye

Manual vs. Cancer: a Manual band showcase for charity

Cal Handmaker

January 8, 2012

From rap groups to guitar duos, Manual student musicians have been performing around the city, both at Manual and elsewhere, for decades. Rarely do these bands and solo artists perform together, but on Sunday, January 15, Matt Marti...

Band wins Ramstock, plays at Male/Manual pep rally

Cal Handmaker

November 1, 2011

At this year’s Ramstock on October 17, four performers, including Micah Walker (12), Carrie Holdreith (10), Clare Hagan (10), and the four-person band GoodLuck Joseph, performed either covers of songs or their own original so...

Want more cash for the summer?

Cal Handmaker

May 23, 2011

The long school year has been hard, but  its almost over. With summer just right around the corner, starting to find a job now would be a great idea to get some extra spending money for the break. The following are some part...

In Need of Extra Cash?

Cal Handmaker

March 30, 2011

Dominos Pizza, located on 10011 Dixie Hwy, is currently looking for delivery drivers. 502-935-3030 Starbucks Coffee is also looking for employees. Located on 101 North Hurstbourne Ln, Starbucks has open positions for baristas. 502-412-4545 Cracker...