Manual RedEye

Executive Council plans end-of-year activities


February 13, 2013

New elections and the annual officer luncheon are being planned as executive council begins their end-of-year routine. Elections will be determining the new president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and pep representative...

Executive Council plans basketball homecoming


January 9, 2013

Executive Council is planning Manual's basketball homecoming, which will take place on Jan. 25 at Noe Middle School. Homecoming will take place after the basketball game against Atherton. This year’s homecoming theme will...

Executive Council planed red/white week carnival with successful outcome, despite difficulties


October 22, 2012

The 2012 red/white week carnival took place Oct. 17  to bring spirit to the students before the Male/Manual rivalry game, overall the carnival was a success but the Executive Council had some difficulty in planning the event. The...

Executive Council begins planning red/white week


September 28, 2012

duPont Manual’s Executive Council is beginning their planning to prepare for the red/white spirit week at their meetings in room 333 on Wednesdays. This year, the annual red/white week will be from October 15-19. Themes will...